German course C1 –

In the past years Germany has become a popular country for foreign students from all over the world. For a successful career at a german university, it is important to speak german fluently and without any effort. The language at university is more scientific and complex. Therefore german universties require their foreign students to have a C1-certificate to enrol at a study programme in Germany. The C1-certificate is aquivalent to DSH 2 and enables international students to enrol at a german university.

In our C1-courses, the teachers will prepare the students for a career at a university in Germany. We work with telc material which includes the real test format, which makes this material ideal for the test preparation.

How does a lesson at L.A.N.E.S look like?

The course uses official telc material and other material to prepare the students for the DSH and the telc C1 test in the most effective way. The teacher prepares the students for the written and oral exam with multiple test simulations. The students will encounter a wide field of words that will help them to read and understand scientific texts.