General Integration course

Who can participate in the general integration course?

The general integration course is for immigrants such as refugees and other foreigners, that have been living in Germany for some time. Each migrant has one opportunity to take part in an integration course. In many cases, an integration course is mandatory.

How is the general integration course structured?

Participants who attend a general integration course visit  a German language course with a total of 600 lessons. After the language course, the orientation course follows with 100 lessons. This course is a political education course and prepares the students for the politics test „Leben in Deutschland“.

What are the goals of the general integration course?

The participants learn German with BAMF-approved teachers. Participants learn to have simple conversations with friends, colleagues and neighbors. They also learn to talk to authorities and practice for example doctor visits. some topics are about the daily life of the participants . In class, the students learn to  fill out forms and to write simple letters . The course prepares the student to reach the language level B1, which defines the advanced language use. All integration courses conclude with the German test for immigrants (short DTZ) and the politics test (end of the orientation course).

How much does a General Integration Course cost?

One lesson costs € 1.95. A course section contains 100 lessons. The cost of a course section is therefore 195 €. The money is to be paid before the beginning of the course section.

If a participant is unable to pay for the course due to low income, a claim for refund is possible. This claim can only be approved, if the participant proofs his or her inability to pay for the course. Participants who receive unemployment benefits or social assistance do not pay for the course. Participants whose spouse has a stable income, have to pay 50% of the course fee.

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