German course B2

The German course B2 offered by L.A.N.E.S. is directed towards people who are interested in studying in Germany and those academics who have already completed their studies and who want to refresh their German on the one hand and expand their vocabulary and oral expression on the other. The participants learn to express themselves clearly and in detail on a topic. In the environment of the course and in interaction with the other participants, the students should learn to engage in complex and lengthy conversations without any problems. In the B2 course the participants learn to express themselves independently in the oral and in the written production and to apply what they have learnt.


Structure of the german course B2


First of all, our teachers illustrate the material using many realistic examples and methods from their own teaching experience. This way the participants are motivated to use the language independently with the help of various methods, so that by the end of the course they have a solid knowledge of spoken and written German. Our goal is to make the participants use the German language independently and confidently.

The vocabulary in the B2 course covers various subject areas such as work, study and society.  The participants learn to express themselves in detail on a complex topic in course discussions and in partner or group work. Participants also learn how to write various types of letters such as complaints and other formal letters. Our teachers will, of course, take into account the student’s individual study needs.

At the end of the B2 course there is a written and an oral B2 exam. The written exam includes the following parts: grammar, reading, listening and writing.

The course lasts two months and takes place Monday through Friday (approx. 20 hours per week).

We successfully support our B2 students on their academic way in Germany since 2013! This also includes engineering students who need our B2 certificate to apply for their master thesis. This also applies to other fields of study.

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