Orientation course

Who can attend the orientation course?

The orientation course follows a completed language course and consists of 100 teaching units. Anyone who has completed the integration course is allowed to participate. Anyone who is interested in the social and political structures of Germany can also take part in this course. If you are interested, please contact our L.A.N.E.S. language centre to find out when the next orientation course starts.

What are the goals of the course?

Qualified teachers approved by BAMF will teach the participants essential topics such as the German legal system, German politics and important events in German history. Participants should also be made aware of social values in Germany, such as freedom of religion, freedom of speech and tolerance. Above all, the participants should deal with the reality of life in German society and participate in social life. The course is divided into the following sections: Politics in Democracy (35 teaching units), History and Responsibility (20 teaching units), People and Society (38 teaching units), Excursions (up to 10 teaching units) and the end of the course (4 teaching units). Of course, the teaching units per module may vary slightly, as well as the order of the topics.

The goal for the participants is to get to know the most important social topics and therefore to be able to integrate into German society even better and faster.

Test “Living in Germany” (LiD)

Of course, the course participants also deal with the structure and content of the final test, which takes place directly after the course. It will be clarified to the participants that they will only receive the “Certificate Integration Course” if they pass the language test “German Test for Immigrants” (DTZ) as well as the test “Living in Germany” (LID). They must answer at least 15 out of the 33 questions. In addition, 17 of the 33 questions must pass the LID in order to apply for German citizenship. The questions that can occur in LID are of course discussed and trained within the course. The participants have 60 minutes for the LID test. This is completely sufficient to answer all 33 questions.

When do I get the result?

Usually you will receive the result 3-4 weeks after taking the exam, whereby the result of the exam will either be sent to the language course provider or directly to the participant’s home.

Duration and cost of the course

The course lasts 100 hours. With 1.95 € per lesson, the total cost is 195 €.

The costs of the orientation course are also covered if the participant receives unemployment benefit II or social assistance. If his/her spouse is employed and has a regular income, 50% of the costs will be reimbursed. This course usually lasts 100 lessons, only in intensive courses the course lasts 60UE.

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