Course for learning a second language writing system

Who can attend the course for learning a second language writing system?

The course for learning a second language writing system is aimed at participants who are able to write in their own native language and are therefore no primary illiterates. The participants will first be introduced to the Latin alphabet. In this type of course the introduction to the Latin alphabet happens much faster than in the regular literacy course.

the structure of the course?

Each participant who was classified after the placement test as a second language system receives 600 lessons. These 600 lessons include the basic language course and the advanced language course A, each with 300 teaching units. If the participant participates regularly, it is possible to extend his or her granted hours by another 300 lessons.

What are the goals of the second language writing system course?

The basic course, which consists of 3 course sections (100 units each), the students are trained to reach language level A1. The first part of the course teaches the Latin alphabet. The participants will be introduced to all signs and letters of the German language. The teachers are trained to use special methods that will make it easier for the students to memorize signs and letters.

In course section 2 and 3 of the basic language course, the focus lies on language level A1. The course is based on the level descriptions of the Common European Framework of Reference. Level A1 therefore includes basic conversational skills and knowledge of the German language.

As part of the curriculum, the participants are taught in the following skills: reading, listening, writing and speaking.

In the advanced language course A, the goal is reaching language level A2. This advanced course draws on the basis knowledge that has been taught in the basic course. This includes extension of grammar, reading, listening, writing and speaking. The participants are motivated to work autonomously on different subject that are introduced by the teacher.

The language level B1 is the goal of the advanced language course B. According to GER, this means that the participant is an advanced user of the German language at the end of this course section. In the language course B, the grammar, the German vocabulary as well as certain conversational situations will be extended.

How much does a second language writing system course cost?

One lesson costs 1.95 euros (contribution). For the entire course with 900 UE it is a total of 1,755 €

Persons receiving unemployment benefit II or social assistance do not have to pay the costs of the integration course.

Persons whose spouse is in a permanent employment have to pay 50 percent of the costs.

People that have a low income can also file an application for payment support. An income test must be done to find out whether a financial support is justified.

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