Telc exam A1

What are the participants at level A1 qualified to do?

Telc exam A1: After finishing an A1 course at L.A.N.E.S you can take the telc Deutsch A1 exam. On this level you can easily talk about your needs. You will be able to introduce yourself without any problems and talk about the topics of eating and drinking, shopping and other every day situations. You will use simple but correct linguistic and grammatical structures.

How is the exam structured?

The telc Deutsch A1 exam consists of an oral and a written part. The part “writting” lasts 65 minutes and includes the parts listening, reading and writing. the oral examination, which usually takes place immediately after the written part of the examination. The oral exam takes place without preparation time.

Examination times

Listening: 20 minutes

Reading and writing: 45 minutes

Oral examination (usually with 3 other participants): 11 minutes

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