TELC exam B1

TELC exam B1: The Zertifikat Deutsch B1 is an widely accepted proof of sufficient language skills and serves as a presentation if you apply for the German citizenship.

What are the participants at level B1 qualified to do?

At level B1, you can already talk about travelling, your own interests and needs in a simple and coherent way in daily life. You will be able to talk about experiences, describe personal goals and justify opinions. You speak mostly independently about the mentioned contents.


Structure of the exam:

The telc-B1 exam consists of an oral and a written part. The written examination lasts 70 minutes. This is followed by the oral examination for which you have 20 minutes to prepare. The written part includes the parts listening and reading comprehension as well as writing. In the B1 exam, reading comprehension includes the Sprachbausteine part. This part tests the grammar knowledge and vocabulary of the participant. The oral examination takes place with another participant. The written exam lasts 2 hours and 30 minutes.


Examination times

Reading comprehension and Sprachbausteine (Grammar and vocabulary): 90 minutes

Listening comprehension: 30 minutes

Written expression: 30 minutes

Oral test (with another participant): 15 minutes.

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